Ozark Research Institute

Dowsing and Healing Convention

April 10-13, 2015

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Keynote Presentation - Saturday 7:15pm

* John Two-Hawks  www.JohnTwoHawks.com

Of Earth and Sky-- Touching Spirit With Your Feet On The Ground

John will share in his keynote address some simple, applicable, and inspiring lessons on how to realize your unique purpose and how to walk with Spirit in a way that is grounded and balanced. Attendees will glean insight into indigenous wisdom and how it applies to all of humanity. They will learn valuable, profound truths which will help them to see areas for betterment in their own lives, thus opening a clearer vision for their life path.

John Two-Hawks - Arkansas.  John is a GRAMMY ® and Emmy nominated, Platinum Award winning recording artist whose music has been featured in films by Fox Searchlight, HBO, and programs by The History Channel. John is also an award winning actor, a published author, and a gifted orator who has shared the speaking stage with Presidents, Senators and Hollywood celebrities.

ST SPEAKER - Sunday 3:00 pm

* Cyndy Green   www.CyndysAngelMessages.com

Angel Messages - Gallery Reading

We open up to receive messages from angels, guides, and loved ones in spirit.  Each group is unique and created by the energy of those attending.  Sessions are full of love and inspiration, but also, educational!  A great group session to learn about spirit, how spirit speaks to us, and how to interpret spirit messages.  Cameras are welcome to get spirit pictures.  Groups are entertained and enlightened.

Cyndy Green - Oklahoma. Cyndy began spiritual studies at 18 and has been seeking and playing in spirit energy ever since!  Thirty years later, she still hungers to know more about spirit. Cyndy’s foundation background began with meditation and Spiritualism.  These are the foundation energies which brought Cyndy down the road of mediumship and messages.  Reaching beyond those foundation courses to develop more skills of interpretation, cyndy added tarot, numerology, nature spirituality and several healing energy pathways to her studies.  Today, Cyndy combines all she has learned in a unique way, to deliver the messages of spirit to audiences across the Midwest.


* Dr. Nancy Bodenstein 

The Gentle Way - A Technique for Manifesting Your Dreams

The Gentle Way is another technique for manifesting your desires.  It was developed by Tom T. Moore from an idea that he got from Robert Shapiro.  This technique includes requests to your Guardian Angel and all other beings who can help.  It has both specific personal requests and requests for others - anywhere from a parking place to peace in the world.   Remember that this is a planet of free will, so they cannot help you if you don't ask them to do so.  As Tom says, "The challenges are still there, just easier to handle: the gentle way."  Come and learn the technique.  You just might find it to be useful. 

Dr. Nancy Bodenstein - New Hampsire.  Nancy is retired from teaching music and healing at Salem State College, MA.  The combination of those topics sparked an interest in the healing aspects of the frequencies of sound and other modalities.

* Yvonne Daily

God’s Medicine Cabinet

My interest in herbal use began simply, only to progress in depth to help several diseases and therefore saving a life. I have since used it on myself with very positive results. I will share my experiences and hope to hear some of yours…as we all continually learn from each other.

In this class you will learn:

1. The types of herbs, (blood cleansers, demulcents, diuretics, etc.,) the differences between infusions and decoctions, how to create tinctures for longer time storage.  

2. My list for an herbal medicine cabinet and tools to use in preparing them.      

3. My experiences with herbs healing myself (flu from hell, urinary tract infection, and bronchitis) and the formulas that I kept records of while doing it. 

Yvonne Daily - Arkansas.  Yvonne has been working with herbs since 1986.  She  uses her knowledge to help others who are experiencing health issues.  Yvonne is an author and freely shares her knowledge of herbs.  

* Colleen Helgerson  www.AkashicUniverse.com

Dawning of a New Reality - Nourishing and Strengthening

Life has so many twists and turns - joys and sorrows - it is time to release that which is complicated and bring forward the energies, companions and understandings that spirit has waiting for us, as we look into the everyday  joys of being corporeal spirits - finding our way through life on earth - with spiritual growth as our healer. We will explore the ability to discharge any undesirable energy, thoughts, and emotions as well as bring into being the joy of existence here on earth. We will use energy movement, sound, self-hypnosis breathing techniques and meditation experience throughout our hour together.

Colleen Helgerson - Iowa. is a workshop leader, writer, practitioner and teacher of the Healing Arts and the expressive expanse of Universal Consciousness. Colleen has participated in this exploration all of her life and happily shares her experiences and insights as she encourages each person to develop their own journey to spiritual happiness.

Colleen will offer private Harmonic Union Akashic Record Consultations during the Convention.

* Georgie Holbrook  www.Joy-Full.com

How to Live a Nurtured & Balanced Life

Learn, in this busy world, to give others your overflow - not from your exhaustion. Random health challenges are ‘effects’ of being out of balance ‘the cause.’ Now find nurturing, loving answers proven to keep you balanced. This is a great tool for yourself and those with clients. 

Experientially learn:

  1. 1.How to evaluate 16 areas of your life.

  2. 2.How to focus within and get intuitive answers that are way beyond head-knowledge

  3. 3.Become enlightened and not frightened when your body calls out for help and eliminate the frustrations of doing trial and error remedies.

Georgie Anna Holbrook - Texas. Georgie Anna Holbrook, national holistic educator, intuitive, author, artist

shares from her own experience of holistically reversing a 7 year disfiguring disease. She is an intuitive-interpreter of one’s inner body language helping her clients translate what their bodies are requesting for healing and living in harmony with nature.

Georgie will offer private Intuitive-Interpretation of Inner Body Language sessions during the Convention.

* Melinda Iverson Inn  www.MelindaInn.com

Dowsing to Connect the Heart and the Mind (full-day Workshop’ Friday)

“The greatest distance that someone can travel is between the mind and the heart. Unless he conquers the distance, he can never learn to soar like the eagle and realize his own immensity within.”  “Uncle” Angaangaq: Kalaalit Shaman, and healer

Connecting the heart and mind takes great courage, because it means we must begin to see all the obstacles preventing that connection. Confronting those obstacles, however unconscious they maybe, that are causing us physical, mental, or emotional disharmony, and distancing our mind from our hearts, takes opening up to intuition at the deepest levels. What deep unconscious obstructions are preventing you from truly connecting your heart and mind?

In this hands-on workshop you will learn:

  1. 1.The 5 ways to dowse deeply into your heart.

  2. 2.How to facilitate the release of unconscious wounds that separate the heart.

  3. 3.How to deepen and further develop your skills of inner-Self communication.

Melinda Iverson Inn - California.  Melinda has spent the last decade researching, teaching, and applying positive, effective dowsing techniques to help people access their own self-healing, and help them understand just how fabulous they really are. She is the author of 4 books dedicated to releasing unconscious blocks with dowsing, and intuitive self-healing empowerment.  
Melinda will be available for private Self-Healing sessions during the Convention.

* Gerrie-Ellen Johnston   http://CrossroadsCreativeCoaching.com

Spritual Transformation – from Anxiey to Freedom

Everyone has suffered from anxiety, from slight jitters before a presentation or speech to debilitating panic.  Some have sweaty palms on interviews and others can’t walk out to get the newspaper.  What causes anxiety, where does it come from?  Understanding the spiritual cycle and learning techniques to alleviate those feelings can transform your life.  You are awesomely and fearfully made. 

At the this presentation the participant will be able to:

  1. 1.Understand the nature of anxiety and its’ relationship to our spirituality.

  2. 2.Reconnect with the true nature of their existence.

  3. 3.Use practical methods of relieving anxiety.

Gerrie-Ellen Johnston - Missouri.  Gerrie-Ellen is a Spiritual Coach.  She is also a recovered agoraphobic. Ms. Johnston has taught college for twenty five years and has a Masters in Pastoral Studies and advanced certification in Spiritual Coaching.  She is currently the founder and director of Crossroad Creative Life Coaching as well as founder of Personal and Global Transformation Network, a monthly lecture series. Georgie will offer private Intuitive-Interpretation of Inner Body Language sessions during the Convention.

* Twink Miller

Transformative Practices For the Future

December 21, 2012 ended one era and 2013 started another one. This era begins with taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions, embracing Oneness.  Learning effective ways to honor ourselves and release our concerns, issues and burdens, each soul is searching for the key to unlock the power within.  We hold all the truths, the pastlife knowledge and the solutions for our progression. Insight into ourselves, as we are traveling on our path, helps us day to day expand our truth and changing that which is no longer needed or working for us. Techniques offered will be Self Soul Retrieval, Chats on the Astral Plane for potential issue solving and The Spiral Technique.

Twink Miller - Ohio.  Retired after 40 years of Nursing and still going strong in scuba diving for the past 36 years, I enjoy the underwater world, as well as topside activities. My lifelong studies and occupations have been in the field of transformation, whether it be Scuba, Integrated Energy Therapy ( IET ), Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique ( QHHT ), Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Chinese Taoist Medical Qigong ( Diploma of Jr. Rank ), Astrology, Quantum Touch, Spiritual Spirituality, the Akashic Records and or Developing the Power Within ( a personal journey of self discovery )   Twink will be available for  "Solar Plexus Clearing" Sessions.

* Betty Miller

Betty’s Self Health Bag of Tricks

(Description to added at a later date.)

Betty Miller - Ohio. Betty graduated from the Self Health School of Massage in 1984 and is licensed in Ohio. She has received a Certification in Medical Qi Gong from Beijing, China. She is also certified in Polarity Therapy, Neuro Link, Body Talk, Quantum Touch, Reflexology, and Tuning Forks. In March 2007, she completed her 3rd apprenticeship program with Phoenix Vibrational Healing.  Betty will offer appointments for Energy System Attuning

* Shan Plunk   www.iamegi.com

Our Multi-Dimensional Selves

Experience the joy of tapping into wondrous potentials and explore many different realities through the relationship with your many Multi-Dimensional Selves.  Discover talents that you only dreamed about and bring them into this dimensional reality. Bring more satisfaction, excitement and fun with you as you empower yourself with your own creativity and joy.   This workshop will allow you to meet challenges with the confidence that makes your life easier.  Prepare to partner with other aspects of you, who truly have your best interest at heart and that allow you to decide which passion that you wish to explore and expand next.  Participants will come away with an upgraded energetic mind and body and a enhanced perspective for learning.

Three Techniques your learn:

1. Out of Body Experience with Remote Viewing

2. Integration Activation Of Multi-Dimensional Selves

3. The Quantum Light Chamber (c) -A state of grace modality for healing practitioners.

Shan Plunk - Arkansas. Shan is an active member of ORI.  Shan is a Silva Method Graduate, a Reiki Master, Past Life Regressionist, Hypnotherapist,  Multi-Dimensional Reader, and Diksha/Pure Light Blessing giver.  She was ordained at the Lively Stones Fellowship and received her doctorate from the Institute of Applied Metaphysics.  She works as a Master Teacher and Counselor at the Exponential Group International. Shan's gifts from Spirit Include the Quantum Light Chamber, Quantum Emotional Clearing, Guided Meditations/ Activatons, and Multi-Dimensional Readings.Shan works on board the Galactic Federation Space Station as a medical officer.  Shan will offer private Quantum Light Chamber. Quantum Clearing, Multi Dimensional Readings during the convention.

* Sherri Sengsouvanna   www.SherriSengsouvanna.com

Living in the Flow With Feng Shui

Discover the basics of the ancient Chinese art of feng shui (pronounced fung shway) which simply means “wind and water.”   This workshop will demystify feng shui to help you get farther faster in your life.  Participants will learn how to apply the feng shui map and principles to their own home to enhance health, wealth, creativity, reputation, relationships, helpful people and more!  Prepare to come away with a greater understanding of the nine important areas of your life and how to use color, light, sound, shapes and movement to turn up the volume of life and step more fully into the flow with feng shui.

Sherri Sengsouvanna - Texas.  Sherri is an author, grief mentor and certified feng shui consultant in the affordable housing industry applying feng shui to every area of her life. Dance With Todd Inc, was established in honor of her son to help others in grief understand the power of energy that never dies.

Sherri will offer private Feng Shui consultations during the Convention.

* Mary Ellen Watson

Moving Beyond The Rhetoric

The purpose of this class is to use all we have at hand to help us get in touch with our inner resources. To recognize source presents us with everything, all-of-it, and we may have what we are willing to accept. To use dowsing to help us create new patterns. To recognize and accept our self as creator of our life.

Mary Ellen Watson - Arkansas. Mary Ellen was a cosmetologist and massage therapist. She’s been involved in metaphysics since 1980, a dowser since 1990, and a charter member of ORI. She currently lives in Fayetteville, AR and in painting uses egg tempera, acrylic, and is now learning water color. The only question is, “What’s the next step?

* Elizabeth Weedn 

Bend Spoons! See Auras!

See auras, bend spoons, lift each other on fingertips, magnetize coins, etc. Use the power of your mind to see energy, feel energy, and then use this energy in FUN, yet empowering ways. Awaken your creativity, hearing practical ways to apply the power of your mind in everyday life. Join in the fun! Doing is believing!

Elizabeth Weedn- Texas. Elizabeth is a real estate professional who shares fun ways to explore the power of the mind and powerful, practical ways to use it! Having a strong math and science background, it took DOING to counter her skepticism. She now passes the opportunity on to others, including you.

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