31st Annual

Dowsing & Alternative Health


April 5-8, 2019

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Keynote Lecture:  Saturday 4/6,  7:15-9:30 p.m.

Patti Conklin

The Journey of Service

For so many Leaders throughout the world, the idea of being of service starts young, or during a traumatic time. There are many reasons why some people become Leaders and spend their life teaching, learning, and being of service to all that they encounter in their lives. Being of service doesn't mean being famous, it doesn't mean being wealthy, it means holding others in respect and love.  I'm sure you've known many, and maybe YOU fit this category, but let's take time to recognize a wonderful group of people, who happen to be members of a family who have chosen the life of Service. Be inspired, live your life of service!

Pre-Convention Workshops - April 5

  1. Jeanne Gehringer

  2. Advanced Dowsing Techniques

  3. Learning how to dowse is a segue into accessing information on anything, anytime, anywhere. It is the library card to the cosmic library.  In this advanced dowsing workshop Jeanne will take you into the intriguing areas of clearing non beneficial energies from homes and workplaces, clearing non beneficial disincarnate entities and energies, clearing non beneficial thought forms, dowsing for beneficial food, nutrition, and water, removing non beneficial psychic chords, and more.  Importantly, she will also teach shielding methods, how to trust your dowsing and how to ask the right question correctly.  She will go over a myriad of applications in this interactive class and you will learn exactly how to use dowsing in different scenarios. Time will be allowed for dowsing application questions that you bring in. Bring your pendulum, questions and a questing mind. Let’s have fun exploring energies!

  4. (A working knowledge of dowsing is required for this class)

  1.   Friday Only, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  1. Gladys McCoy
    & Vernell Boyd
  2.    Dowsing School

  3. Learn the ancient art of dowsing to tune into your intuition, find water, oil, lost objects, people or pets; communicate with your higher self to answer spiritual and relationship questions as well as health issues.  Dowsing tools will be provided.

  4. Some Techniques You’ll Learn:

  5. 1) The use of L-rods, Y-rods & Pendulum.

  6. 2) Forming your intent for accurate answers.

  7. 3) Clearing detrimental energies.

  8.   Friday Only, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Convention - April 5-8 (1hr classes)

Life Changing, Mind Expanding Lectures!

Brandie Chrisman Embracing Spirit

Zabe Barns Empowered Seashell Healing

Vita Berg & Christina Mitchell Decoding Adversity

Kathleen Shannon O’Brien Hale Let’s Get Glowing!

Boni Oian Reprograming Your Beliefs and Feelings

Yvonne Daily Sustaining Vitality, Body, Mind, Soul

Elizabeth Weedn Bend Spoons, See Auras, and More

Lilian Bern, M.A. How We Invite Trouble Into Our Lives

Adrian Kellar Better Understanding and Retaining Information

Chris Goin-Anderson Manifestation through Dowsing the Chakras

Michael Schemerhorn Crystal Gridding with Intention and Belief

Patti Conklin How to Improve Yourself for the Benefit of Others & Healing Circle

  And Much More!  ❤

For a Full Description Of Lectures & Speaker Bio’s and Daily Schedule:  Click Here

Post-Convention - April 9

Group Cellular Cleansing with Patti Conklin, Ph.D.

Throughout your lifetime, your body has kept a perfect copy of your every word, thought, and emotion. They are stored as cellular memory. As a result, you have become what you say, think, and feel. Over time, many layers of these memories developed into blockages. They interrupted the flow of subtle energy within your body. This is what produces disease. 

Compiled of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and the practitioner’s influence of energy, Cellular Cleansing will direct you through the neutralization of cellular memories, leading to a more fulfilling and healthier life.

Date: Tuesday, April 9 

Length:  4 to 6 hours

Special price for ORI Convention students: $1250

Reserve Your Session:  PattiConkin.com  404-474-0086, or after your arrival at the convention

Friday & Tuesday Evenings

Healing Circle: Participate in the internationally known O.R.I. Healing Circle.  Send remote healing energy through loving intent, to those in need.  Many have reported profound, life changing, healing experiences during this event. You will have an opportunity to add the names of your loved ones to the list for special healing energy.


Healing Hands of ORI: This is your opportunity to have a private session with the Ozark Research Institute Healing Circle Facilitators.  Several Facilitators will be available to provide hands-on healing energy work. 

Sunday Evening

Costume Party: Bring your most playful costume or use our props to create one of your own.  Games, Readings, Music, Singing.


Private Consultations: This is your chance to have a private one-on-one consultation with instructors. (Additional fees will apply. After your arrival, contact speakers for appointments or information.)

Vending Area: Shop till you Drop! Browse the O.R.I. bookstore, and booths sponsored  by our instructors.

Raffle & Auction Drawings:  Purchase your tickets early to win valuable prizes.


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Location & Lodging

Hilton Garden Inn


1325 N Palak Dr.

Fayetteville Arkansas


Ask for your Special ORI rate at any of these locations:  (Discount deadline March 1, 2019)

(When calling for reservations you must speak to the front desk to receive your discount.

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Hilton Garden Inn (convention location) (479) 856-6040   

$99 per night

1325 N Palak Dr., Fayetteville, Arkansas, 72704

Holiday Inn Express: (next door to Hilton) (479) 444-6006

$89 per night, breakfast included

1251 N Shiloh Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72704

Homewood Suites: (next door to Hilton) (479) 442-3000

$99 per night, breakfast included

1305 N Palak Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72704

(When calling for reservations you must speak to the front desk to receive your discount.  Press “O”. Do Not press”1”)


The Hilton Garden Inn will provide a buffet style lunch during the Convention.  Lunch Tickets are $13 and must be reserved in advance. (Contact ORI)

There are several restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.


Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) Carriers:

American - U.S. Air - Allegiant Air - Delta - United

Travel time from the airport to the Hotel is approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Airport Shuttle Service:

Jims Express Shuttle & Taxi (479) 205-0011  Ask for special ORI Discount

Driving Directions:

Located in the northwest corner of Arkansas, Fayetteville is a 2 hour drive from Tulsa, OK and Springfield, MO and a 3 hour drive from Little Rock. AR.

The Hilton Garden Inn is located on the west side of the city:

Take Interstate 49 (previously known as I 540) into Fayetteville, Take exit 64. Turn West onto AR-16 / W. Wedington Dr. Turn North onto N. Shiloh Dr.  All 3 hotels are on your Left.

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