Harold McCoy

In Loving Memory

Harold McCoy

March 19, 1932 - July 7, 2010

Harold McCoy, founder and director of the Ozark Research Institute, left this earthly plane July 7, 2010.  He was a retired United States Army Major with 24 years of service.  Harold traveled the world teaching and inspiring others to make this world a better place.   His wonderful sense of humor will be missed.  The blessings he leaves behind are many and he touched many hearts with his love.  Most important to him was his family and friends, whom he loved dearly.

With full military honors, Harold’s body (per his wishes) was laid to rest at the National Cemetery in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  His friend,   Rev. Lowell Grisham officiated. An open invitation reception followed at Ozark Research Institute, with many friends and relatives attending.

Memorials may be made to Ozark Research Institute, P.O. Box 387, Fayetteville, AR 72701, or the Harold McCoy Memorial Scholarship.

A Note From The Family and ORI Staff

Harold taught many of you to facilitate healing work with compassion and love.  He planted the seeds, now it’s time for all of us to sprout and grow.  He will be here to help and we believe he will be able to continue his wonderful work from the other side, more powerfully and with more knowledge.

The dream you all shared with Harold will continue, with your help. Harold and the Ozark Research Institute have made a difference in many lives and will continue to do so.

As you know, teaching and training new healers was one of Harold’s visions. The Harold McCoy Memorial Scholarship has been initiated.  Details will be published at a later time.

Blessings to you all,

Gladys, Joyce, & Tim McCoy

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  2. An Article by Harold McCoy

  3. Using the Mind to Heal the Body

  4. by Harold McCoy

  5. In just a few years, a change has occurred, and ever-increasing numbers of people now find they have the ability to facilitate healing over long distances, to communicate with nature spirits to grow healthier plants, to relocate insects and other pests from the house or garden, to “program” thought forms around homes and businesses for some desired result...and, yes, “bend spoons.”  The possibilities are limitless.

  6. If thoughts actually have power to bend spoons, divert streams of water hundreds of thousands of miles away, and cause spiritual healing to take place because someone intends with thought for that healing to happen...no matter what the distance, then we must realize that our life will never be the same.  It will be better! Read on...

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