The Institute continuously explores cutting edge research into the Power of the Focused Mind. We are finding that our thoughts are capable of affecting our health, our environment and others around us.

Our main area of interest is to determine what part, if any, mind plays in spontaneous remission or miraculous healing of chronic or life-threatening illness, and if it is determined that, through some technique, the power of the mind can affect a healing or improvement in the condition, develop a methodology to isolate the technique.

Recent Projects

  1. O.R.I. is in the process of compiling a database of measured brain wave characteristics of selected, known successful remote and hands-on healers, and of subjects they work on, which occur while healing work is being performed.  With this study we hope to show that there is a particular frequency of brain activity in which “healing work” is performed, and that there is a particular frequency of brain activity involved when healing energy is received, and with which healing occurs.

  2. O.R.I. staff and volunteers respond to over 300 requests for healing assistance each month.  The Institute gathers data on those who call or come by requesting help.  Data consists of the type of healing that was used, hands-on or at a distance, any information gained during the experience, and immediate response to the energy, and longer term results.  We have documentation in many areas, including x-rays showing definite change, testimonials from those who claim change in their well-being following treatment, and written documentation from physicians recording positive change in their patients.

  3. Several O.R.I. affiliated healing facilitators were recently involved in a study to determine the effects of remote healing on brain tumors.  This study was conducted by the Complementary Medical Research Institute, California Pacific Medical Center, and funded by the National Institutes of Health.

  4. Additionally, O.R.I. is involved in several other projects such as improving the quality of drinking water, effecting the growth of bacteria, and influencing a decline in violent crime, through the use of thought form energy.

  5. Research of Interest:


By Jim Walden, Ed.D., R.Hy.

What is Epigenetics?

   Epigenetics may not be a familiar word, yet.  However, it is gaining recognition among scientists and health-care professionals as they change their beliefs about the programming of the human organism.  PBS recently aired a two-part program about this new area of cellular biology, and researchers are explaining how reductionist philosophy (gaining understanding of the workings of organisms by dissecting them into cells and then dividing the cells into molecular parts) is changing traditional biology.  As epigenetic research complexifies, more of the elegant simplicity of the body-mind’s design is revealed; and, in my opinion, the revelations confirm the potentials of most holistic healing approaches.

   As a result of epigenetic investigations, we now understand how negative, fearful thoughts can cause DNA strands to constrict and become entangled.  Conversely, we’ve learned that positive, appreciative, and loving thoughts can result in lengthened and relaxed DNA strands.  Until recently, however, we believed that we were victims of predetermined birth DNA and genetics.

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