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4 Days of Hands-on, Experiential Workshops

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Keynote: Saturday 7:15pm


Gisela Kroeger Hoffman

“ Defragging The Brain For Optimal Health”

Harold McCoy was a great dowsing pioneer who developed the use of Spiritual Energy to clear many physical diseases.  Today we recognize that Spiritual Energy flows through specific and identifiable channels and our dowsing results become more successful when we access those channels. We are discovering that the brain is one of the most important factors in our physical well-being by converting our higher intention into physical manifestation. For optimal effect, all components of the brain need to operate at highest efficiency.  Our ability to defrag the bio-computer (known as the brain) is vital to our health and happiness.  Brain circuit mapping and clearing is, in fact, the science of the future that includes traditional and digital dowsing methods.        

3 hour Hands-on Workshops

9:00 - 5:00 daily

(additional information will be added as it becomes available)

David Dolezal  -  Our Divine Connections

Ever notice how some people have significant health issues but their medical diagnosis shows no issues?  Are these people hypochondriacs or are they connected to people who do have diseases?  Sometimes it is our non-beneficial connections that cause us problems.

Some of the Techniques you’ll learn:

  1. 1)How to identify and use “Love Connections” to help your loved ones.

  2. 2) How to identify and clear non-beneficial connections.

  3. 3)How to clean your connections to the Divine. 

  4. (David will offer private Energy Morphology sessions)

  Norah Dykema - Communicating and Co-Creating with our Mentors & Guides on the Other Side

Norah's goal is to help people shift and self-actualize quickly! Her approach is unique and dynamic! She is a scientific hand analyst and energetic healer that works with The Great One, Mr. Nikola Tesla.

In this class you’ll learn:

1) How to listen and receive quality help from Angels and Spirit Guides.

2) Developing a signal that comes from our Spirit Guide.

3) The valuable communication tool of Automatic Writing.  A technique to directly communicate with one’s Spirit Guides.

(Norah will offer private Scientific Hand Analysis & Energy Work sessions)

Bette Epstein  - Heal Your Life with Hypnosis & Dowsing

An amazing combination of spiritual tools to help you identify and correct the sadness or discomfort in your life.

Some of the techniques you’ll learn:

1) Identify your own origins of discomfort.

2) Let go of the past and self-blame of inappropriate choices in the present time.

3) Learn how to make a personal hypnosis CD.

Marilyn Harper  -  Visualized Dimensional Healing

This course is designed for the participant to develop the skills to look and visualize into the physical, mental and emotional body, then see where the blockages are, and release them

Some of the techniques you’ll practice in class:

1) “Seeing” inter-dimensionally for the purpose of releasing blockages.

2) Learn how to release physical blockages, pain points and sense where those blockages are in the body.

3) Through journeying meditation participants will learn  how the intuition develops and is connected to visualized healing.

(Marilyn will offer private sessions with Andironnda as Channeled or Dimensional Healing))

Gisela Kroeger Hoffman  -  Practical Applications of 21st Century Techniques to Hanna’s Teachings

This is a fast moving workshop beginning with the 7 physical and 7 spiritual causes of ill health, as defined by Gisela’s mother Hanna Kroeger. Gisela will demonstrate the use of a digital scalar dowsing tool (AccessHanna) with examples of how the basic concepts formulated by Hanna are evolving. The student will learn not only how to use the chakras and meridians as access points for supplementation, but more importantly, how to energize several primary systems of the brain that support the healing of the body.  (A basic knowledge of Pendulum dowsing will be needed for this class.  Please consider taking Gladys McCoy’s Dowsing Class)

Gladys McCoy - Introduction to Basic Pendulum Dowsing - Thursday 9/11, 7:00pm:

Not sure how to dowse or what it’s all about?   In this short 15 minute class, you’ll learn how to use the pendulum and receive accurate responses.

Shan Plunk - Our Multi-Dimensional Selves

Experience the joy of tapping into wondrous potentials and explore many different realities through the relationship with your many Multi-Dimensional Selves.  Discover talents that you only dreamed about and bring them into this dimensional reality. This workshop will allow you to meet challenges with the confidence that makes your life easier.

Techniques you’ll practice in class:

  1. 1)Our Multi-Dimensional Selves Integration

  2. 2)The Quantum Light Chamber Technique.

  3. 3)Remote Sensing.

(Shan will offer private Sessions during the School)

Dr. Angelica Underwood - Beyond Illness: Understand Body Talk & Love Your Disease

Angelica shares insights on illness, intuition, and body talk. Understand how to deeply learn to stop and realign yourself with your higher purpose to find deeper healing.  Angelica has a powerful story to share with people that are ready to go deeper with inner healing, inner focus, and a shift of beliefs.

Participants will learn how to use dowsing to:

  1. 1)What we think is the problem, is not the problem.

  2. 2)Body Talk Technique.

  3. 3)Master your mind to master your life when in chaos.

(Angelica will offer private Hypnotic Body Talk & Medical Astrology Sessions)

Rudene Wible  -  Spiritual Restoration - Simple and Sweet

Rudene Wible is the creator of "Kinesthetic Hypnotherapy"  which combines muscle testing/dowsing with hypnosis techniques.  With the use of full explanations, provided charts, hand signals, rhythmic breathing, accessing emotional and chakra points and the 4 steps to restoration, the client does not have to reveal nor discuss the underlying cause of an impasse.  Healing is accomplished quickly and painlessly.

n Ashley Tippett and Dick Tippett

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* Private Consultations - Daily 

This is your chance to have a private one-on-one consultation with instructors. (additional fees will apply, contact each speaker the day of your arrival for more information and appointments.

  1. *Basic Pendulum Dowsing - Friday 1:15 pm

Not sure how to dowse or what it’s all about?   In this short 15 minute class, you’ll learn how to use the pendulum and receive accurate responses.

* Healing Circle & Healing Hands of ORI - Friday evening

Participate in the internationally known ORI Healing Circle Meditation.  Send remote healing to those in need.  Many have reported profound, life changing healing experiences during this event.  You may add the names of your loved ones to the list for special healing energy.  After this event ORI Healing Circle Facilitators will be available to provide healing energy work.

* Sunday Fun Night - Costume Party

Costume Party ~ Walk the Labyrinth ~ Experiment with the ORI Brainwave Machines ~ Manipulate Objects Using the Mind ~ Readings ~ Card Games ~ Fun!

* Vending Area - Friday to Tuesday

Shop till you Drop!  Browse the O.R.I. Bookstore, and our instructors’ booths.

  1. *Auction and Raffle - Buy your tickets to win valuable prizes. 

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Lodging & Location:

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Holiday Inn - Springdale


1500 S 48th St, Springdale Arkansas

*$97, includes 2 Breakfast vouchers per room, per day.

(Deadline for discount 8/17/15. mention ORI for discount rate)  Please reserve your room Early.  This is a busy time of year for the hotel!


Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) Carriers: 

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