4 Days of Hands-on, Experiential Workshops

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Keynote: Saturday 7:15pm


“ Techniques That Work For Me”

Raymon will share some of his best stories of dowsing successes. Raymon is the author of 3 books and 40 instructional DVDs, sharing information he has learned over the past 40 years.  He has headed several projects to improve water quality, and to decrease violence and abuse, all through the use of dowsing & power of mind.

3 hour Hands-on Workshops

9:00 - 5:00 daily

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Raymon Grace - Improve Your Dowsing Skills

Raymon will give detailed information on reading a dowsing chart, a long list of possibilities he uses in his work and much more. The purpose of this class is to help improve your dowsing skills.

Three Techniques you’ll learn:

  1. 1)How to Read a Dowsing Charts.

  2. 2) How to Ask the Right Question when dowsing to improve your accuracy.

  3. 3)Learn New Possibilities for Dowsing. 

  Patti Conklin - Duality, Darkness & Light

All of us have our own unique Frequency. Is your frequency higher and therefore it feels as though it’s dark, or is your frequency lower and therefore it feels like Light?

In this class you’ll learn:

1) What Frequency feels like in Darkness and in Light.

2) How to Balance both.

3) How we experience Frequency and how to bring into awareness the difference.

Ken Fladie - The Co-Creative “Medical Assistance Program” (MAP)

Learn a unique healing tool, which was originally presented to humanity through Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra. The “MAP” process integrates the involuntary input from nature with the human’s evolutionary development. The healthy human is a balance of these two dynamics.

Some of the techniques you’ll learn:

1) How to do a MAP Session.

2) The use of flower essences.

3) Kinesiology techniques and uses.

Bo Hanson - Dowsing Techniques to Heal Yourself and Others

This hands-on class is Based upon the techniques of Hanna Kroeger.

Some of the techniques you’ll practice in class:

1) How to dowse and ID disharmonies of the body.

2) How to select remedies and/or modalities to heal disharmonies.

3) Learn simple Body Adjustments for depression, mental clarity, and removing harmful emotions.

(Bo will offer Intuitive Consultations for Alternative Health Readings during the School)

Gladys McCoy - Healing and Self Empowerment for Your Best Life

Gladys will share the simple easy to use techniques she uses to help others heal challenges and live their best life.

Some techniques you’ll practice in class:

Learn to use Unconditional Love Therapy.

  1. 2)Write an affirmation to promote a happy well-balanced life.

  2. 3)Clear non-beneficial energy from your home, office and people.

(Gladys will offer a limited number of Private Consultations during the School)


Introduction to Basic Pendulum Dowsing - Thursday 9/11, 7:00pm:

Not sure how to dowse or what it’s all about?   In this short 15 minute class, you’ll learn how to use the pendulum and receive accurate responses.

Sue Russo - Radionics and Radiesthesia -- What the Bleep is That?

Radionics is a healing art that transcends the ordinary parameters of scientific explanation. Students will receive tools for helping one take responsibility for one’s own health and life.

Techniques you’ll practice in class:

  1. 1)Analyze, measure, and balance organisms, plants, situations, with a simple instrument.

  2. 2)Practice pre analysis protocols and witnesses, scanning.

  3. 3)Learn radionic rates and how to use them.

(Sue will offer private Phoenix Vibrational Healing Sessions during the School)

Jeanne Gehringer - Get Off the Karmic Hamster Wheel -- Clear the Big 5

Do you feel that no matter how diligent a spiritual student you are, that you sometimes are going round and round the karmic wheel, or that something is holding you back? Clear the 5 key areas responsible for deep-seated issues, which will leave you feeling lighter and freer. The positive effect is Joyous to behold.

Participants will learn how to use dowsing to:

  1. 1)Identify the negative energies in noxious zones, entities, past lives, psychic chords and thought forms.

  2. 2)Remove the negative energies of the big 5.

  3. 3)Repair and energize the aura.

(Jeanne will offer private Intuitive Spiritual Dowsing Sessions during the School)

Bonnie O’Boyle - Dream Keeping

Did you know Lucid Dreaming is a skill that can be developed and cultivated? In a Lucid dream we become aware we are dreaming and take control of our dream, which can be a powerful tool for learning to take control of our life and for manifesting what we want in our life. Discover your dream power!
You will learn:

1) Tips for remembering your dreams and for increasing your likelihood of dreaming lucidly, which could enable you to fly or meet your most cherished Spiritual teacher, or experience whatever your heart desires.

2) Learn dream tools like dream connecting, dream dowsing, and dream manifesting.

3) The class will practice Thomas Edison’s "the land of the solution" by taking a 15 min cat nap. Bring a pillow and blanket or you may nap in your chair if you prefer.

(Bonnie will offer private Reiki sessions during the school)

n Ashley Tippett and Dick Tippett

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* Private Consultations - Daily 

This is your chance to have a private one-on-one consultation with instructors. (additional fees will apply, contact each speaker the day of your arrival for more information and appointments.

* Healing Circle & Healing Hands of ORI - Friday evening

Participate in the internationally known ORI Healing Circle Meditation.  Send remote healing to those in need.  Many have reported profound, life changing healing experiences during this event.  You may add the names of your loved ones to the list for special healing energy.  After this event ORI Healing Circle Facilitators will be available to provide healing energy work.

* Sunday Fun Night - Costume Party

Costume Party ~ Walk the Labyrinth ~ Experiment with the ORI Brainwave Machines ~ Manipulate Objects Using the Mind ~ Readings ~ Card Games ~ Fun!

* Vending Area - Friday to Tuesday

Shop till you Drop!  Browse the O.R.I. Bookstore, and our instructors’ booths.

  1. *Auction and Raffle - Buy your tickets to win valuable prizes. 

  1. Post-School ~ Full Day Workshop

    Tuesday, 9/16,  9:00 am - 5:00 pm 

    Raymon Grace

    Self Empowerment with Dowsing

    Raymon will offer a post convention workshop covering the assortment of new things he has learned and used. After covering the highlights, this workshop will be geared mostly to questions of general interest. This is ADVANCED information and basic dowsing information will not be addressed.

    If you are ready to get serious about dowsing and empower yourself~~be there. 

    Location:  Ozark Research Institute Building - 744 W Skelton St. Fayetteville

    Price:         $125 cash at the door. (correct change appreciated)

    Register:  Space is limited, Register Early. 

                        Call or Email ORI, (479)582-9197, ori@ozarkresearch.org

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