4 Days of Hands-on, Experiential Workshops

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Keynote: Saturday 7:15pm


Vernell Boyd

“ The Twists and Turns of Life and Staying on the High Road”

If you’ve ever attended an ORI event, you’ll remember Vernell from her “Morning Inspiration” classes which are always uplifting and fun.  In her keynote lecture, she will share some of her remarkable life stories.  And what a life she has led!  (I am told she will still keep some of it to herself!)        

3 hour Hands-on Workshops

9:00 - 5:00 daily

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Lilian Bern, M.F.C.T.  -  Beyond the 7 Chakras: Dowsing the Human Energy Field as a Health Assessment

After a near death experience in 2001, Lilian was guided to develop a 12 point Holistic Assessment method for dowsing the human energy field, using L rods.   3) How to ask dowsing questions in order to make better choices to create health.

Some of the Techniques you’ll learn:

  1. 1)Learn the 12 point system of Energy Centers, Location, Functions, Correlation to Mental, Emotional and Physical Blockages, which eventually show up as disease..

  2. 2) Using Dowsing Rods to "read" energy fields.

  3. 3)How to ask dowsing questions in order to make better choices to create health. 

  4. (Lilian will offer private Energy Readings & Healing sessions)

  Jacquelyn Boyd - Ancient Lemurian Healing Techniques Called the HA Breath

Learn to be in contact with the ancient Lemurian’s and the Huna Philosophy.  You will be able to heal yourself, situations and change the energy at anytime.  Working with Huna Philosophy is very humbling and expansive.  You will even be able to calm the energy in any Wal-mart with this technique. ;o)

(Jacquelyn will offer private sessions)

John Two-Hawks  - Earth Wisdom

In this workshop, participants will learn to reconnect to the sacred through an indigenous approach to earth wisdom.  At a time in human history when people need to relearn the practice of giving more and taking less, this experience will provide ancient tried and true methods for walking in balance upon mother earth.

Some of the techniques you’ll learn:

1) How to make a prayer tie.

2) Tobacco offerings.

3) How to create a bundle.

Jeanne Gehringer  -  Clearing the Spiritual Clutter - Allowing YOU to Be!

In my healing work, I have found key areas responsible for deep-seated blockages.  These areas are: Non-beneficial Energies, Disincarnate Entities, Past Lives, Psychic Chords, Fragmented Soul and Thought Forms. In this workshop you will learn about each of these areas, how they negatively impact you, and how to use dowsing to identify and remove their detrimental energies.  We will follow  this deep clearing by learning how to determine what our Bovis Life Force Bio Energy level is and how to increase it, then making repairs to the aura and energizing it. Clearing the clutter allows deeper spiritual growth.

Some of the techniques you’ll practice in class:

1) Identify & remove detrimental energies in key areas of deep-seated blockages.

2) determine our Bovis Life Force Bio Energy level.

3) Repair and energize the aura.

Sherri Sengsouvanna  -  The Easy Button for Psychic Readings

How often have you doubted your physic abilities especially when it comes to your ability to provide psychic readings for others? In this workshop, we will walk through a simple 7 step process to turn on or turn up your psychic reading skills.

In this class you’ll learn:

1) A Simple step by step process for psychic readings.

2) To overcome any fear of failure by gaining amazing accuracy.

3) Communicate with loved ones in spirit.

Katharina Spurling-Kaffl - Metamorphosis - Activate Your Self-Healing Power

Experience unconditional love in a Metamorphosis session. The Metamorphosis or Prenatal Therapy work was created by Robert St. John in the 50's. It is a gentle touch on your feet, hands, and head, and can also be done in your aura field.  We are not the healer, but facilitating self-healing for the person we work with. Miracles can happen when we leave our mind out and just be with the person.  Metamorphosis is about transformation, not about change.  As long as we live we have the potential for transformation in us. This work supports us in a gentle way.

Marti Shuck - Do’s, Don’ts, and Demos

During this interactive presentation learn a wide range of things we can do to treat our own aches and pains.  You’ll learn single easy techniques that will help you to correct imbalances throughout your body.  Marti’s class will help you become more in charge of your health by knowing how to question and get answers from your body.  She will present her knowledge of naturopathic, reflexology, and other healing techniques and explain, (in simple terms), how the body works and how her techniques can show you what the body needs.

(Marti will offer private Body Scan & Analysis Sessions during the School)

Twink Miller & Teresa Wienken - Be a Personal Transformer Practitioner, Utilizing Multiple Dimensional Techniques

Learn effective ways to honor ourselves by releasing our concerns, issues and burdens, while our soul is searching for the key to unlock the power within.  By accessing your internal power, you can reveal all the truths, the pastlife knowledge and the solutions for your soul's progression.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. 1)Self Body Dowsing for Optimum Health..

  2. 2)Learning to Trust Your Intuition and Going with the Flow versus Swimming Upstream.

  3. 3)Color/Sound: Clearing Issues, Returning to Your Soul's Note.

  4. 4)Tri-Up-Tron Method

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* Private Consultations - Daily 

This is your chance to have a private one-on-one consultation with instructors. (additional fees will apply, contact each speaker the day of your arrival for more information and appointments.

* Healing Circle & Healing Hands of ORI - Friday evening

Participate in the internationally known ORI Healing Circle Meditation.  Send remote healing to those in need.  Many have reported profound, life changing healing experiences during this event.  You may add the names of your loved ones to the list for special healing energy.  After this event ORI Healing Circle Facilitators will be available to provide healing energy work.

* Sunday Fun Night - Costume Party

Costume Party ~ Walk the Labyrinth ~ Experiment with the ORI Brainwave Machines ~ Manipulate Objects Using the Mind ~ Readings ~ Card Games ~ Fun!

* Vending Area - Friday to Tuesday

Shop till you Drop!  Browse the O.R.I. Bookstore, and our instructors’ booths.

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