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Gladys McCoy, CCHT

Gladys McCoy is co-founder and serves on the board of the Ozark Research Institute and is the director of their Power of Thought School, and the Annual Mid-South Dowsing and Healing Energies Convention, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She was elected Dowser of the Year, by the American Society of Dowsers in 1996.

Gladys is a teacher of dowsing and does dowsing by telephone for people who need to make life decisions or find lost items and pets. She is a very popular speaker at workshops and conferences across the U.S.

As an Ordained Minister, she councils and shares insight from Spirit.  She also serves as one of the on-staff healers at the Ozark Research Institute and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a trained Past Life Therapist.

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Glistening Pearls - Empowering the Person You Are

A Full Day Workshop

Blocking Unconditional Programing

Using Unconditional Love Therapy

Dowsing - Connect to Your Intuition

Programs to Protect and Improve Your Life

Hearing and Trusting the Small Still Voice Within

What is Energy? Transform Negatives to Positives

  1. Affirmations - Receive the Blessings of the Universe

Learn to work with energy – seeing it, using it and its practical application in our everyday life. We will work with dowsing to remove negative energies and bring positive energies into our lives, our homes and businesses. You will learn how important our words are in all that we do, and how to block the unconscious programming that may come into or be in our beings. We will cover clearing non-beneficial programs from our subconscious and replacing them with beneficial programs (yes, it is self-hypnosis). We will be working with “Unconditional Love Therapy” to send healing out to others and for self-healing. This is a fun, informative class in which you will be doing the work as you learn.

Clearing Non-Benificial Energy

The use of dowsing to clear negativity from your life and surroundings.  We will dowse where we live and use a very effective technique to clear our space.  We will use a diagram of your home to locate and clear negative energy.  Time permitting we will do the same with a diagram of the human body.  Through the use of Affirmations we will learn to use the power of our words to effect change in our lives.

Learn to Dowse

Learn the ancient art of dowsing to tune into your intuition, find water, oil, lost objects, people or pets; communicate with your higher self to answer spiritual and relationship questions as well as health issues.  An L-rod, Y-rod and pendulum will be provided for this class. 

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